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Welcome to the new Byzantine Guild Page!

     Please keep in mind this page is a work in progress so it will be going through changes as we come up with new ideas.  Here we will be posting raids, events, guild meetings, achievements and activities the guild will be having so it would be a good idea to frequent this page often to keep yourself updated.  If you have any suggestions for this page, please let one of the Elder Council know.

Guild Master: Voren
Officers: Shammyval, Moonslasher, Leaflesstou
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Other Guild News

Guild Growing...FINALLY!

Homosuave, Jul 12, 11 7:48 PM.
     We added a few new people to the guild recently.  Thanks to all those who have been recruiting.  We will take anyone willing to join right now, but we need to focus on Healers and DPS.  It's better to be able to ask people to sit out of a raid for a week then to have to pug just one person.  I for one think we have what it takes to down a raid completely if we had just a few more people.  Good work Guild!  Keep it up!

Blackwing Decent is down 4 bosses!

Homosuave, Jul 9, 11 11:03 AM.
     Byzantine downed 4 bosses in Blackwing Decent on 7/8/11.  This is the farthest we have gotten there and it was done with all guildy's.  That is something to be proud of.  We are slowly but surely building ourselves back up and before too long we will have the Firelands on farm.  LOL.  

        "The Bear" walked out of the raid with a couple pieces which we are very glad of.  I guess it makes up for him getting jipped out of all that gear in ZG.  There were a couple glitches, but we kept trying it till we got Magmaw down.  Mike did an excellent job on the lava worms, but according to Shauras, Mo could be a little faster on the chains.  LOL.
     Thanks to all who showed up for the raid an stuck it out despite the apparent glitches.  This was a good start that we can definitely build upon.  Keep signing up and showing up and we will only get better from here.

Byzantine did our first Firelands trash run!!!!

Homosuave, Jul 8, 11 5:06 PM.
Thursday night 7/7/11, Byzantine did our first Firelands trash run.  We didn't do too bad at all with the help of a few people who had been there before.  Leaf, Shaur, Art, Vice and Ras had been there a couple times and helped us out with some advice.  We had fun, got to know some new guildy's and I believe we have a happy tank and mage with some new gear they got.  Thank GOD.  If I heard Moon complain about his staff one more time.......   
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Echo Isles (PvE)
Byzantine is recruiting active members, so if you would like to join, feel free to contact any of the Elder Council in game for information or invitation.
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